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Khalid Ahmed Hassan AHMED


Facilitating Anxiety as a Positive Tension in Language Learning Contexts Anxiety is generally identified as a normal human fear or uneasiness about certain states of matters such as starting a certain activity, job, test, etc. It is also one of the psychological drives that play an influential role in the context of teaching and learning a foreign language, the thing with which we concern ourselves in this present study. However, anxiety can be either a facilitating factor of learning if derives a learner to exert the required effort to learn the target language. Hence, this type of anxiety is facilitating. On the other hand, anxiety can be a debilitating factor of learning, when a learner's worriedness is higher than the other facilitating factors; therefore, this debilitating anxiety will be as a negative factor in the experience of learning the intended target language. This paper is a quantitative analysis of the influence of the facilitating anxiety, which we term as a low tension in this study, in the teaching and learning of a language. First we set up the theoretical framework, and the review of the related literature on which this study is designed, then its importance, the methodological procedures and methods of data collection, analyses, the main findings, suggestions and recommendations for future replicable studies.

Keywords: Facilitating Anxiety, Debilitating Anxiety, Positive Tension, Apprehension, Language Learning, Motivation, Self, Esteem, Correlation