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Zaid Rakid Ibrahim ALTHUNIBAT


Alienation is one of the issues related to human nature, and it is divided into psychological alienation, which affects the psychological state, and external alienation resulting from the surrounding circumstances. The term alienation was never associated with our current era. The term alienation has its roots in the past, starting with Imru’ al-Qays, considering standing on the ruins as a manifestation of his alienation, and the racial discrimination represented by A'ntarah bin Shaddad and a the group with him is the best representation due to the blackness of their skin. Al-Shanfari, Al-Salik bin Al-Silka, and Tabat Sharra felt the burden of social injustice represented in contempt and condescension against them, in addition to the life of vagrancy to which they moved where they deepened their alienation because of their atrocities and crimes after they were expelled from their tribes, so they combined racial alienation and self-alienation imposed on them as a result of wild life that compensated them for the warmth of social life where a group of poor tramps, represented by Urwa bin Al-Ward, and their alienation made money the unit of measuring citizenship, so they were upset by that, and the situation moved to the rest of the ages, and Abu Faraj suffered from alienation through life represented by death, gray hair and loneliness, and affected by economic and cultural factors political and religious.

Keywords: Alienation, Expatriation, The Psychological Aspect, Forced Alienation