Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Language Teaching

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The study deals with study an important aspect of Arabic grammar, and its eloquence, is the assertion that cannot be dispensed with in Arabic speech, whatever its level. Speech, whether it is for communication in daily life, was it a divine text like the Holy Qur´an, was it a directive human like the hadith, or was it literary poetic or prose needs to be emphasized, and the emphasis is on degrees and levels according to the status of the recipient listener? If the listener is a believer who accepts the news that he hears, because he trusts the speaker, or because he does not have advance information about him, the news does not need confirmation and reinforcement of the meaning, and if the listener does not trust the speaker, doubts about him, or hesitates to accept the news because he has prior information About him, or he was surprised by his occurrence, the speaker needed to confirm his words with one certain assertor, and if the addressee denies the speaker his news that he transmits to him, and he does not want to accept it for any reason, and repeat him, the speaker needed to confirm his words with more than certainty. Emphasis is not in one way, but almost in most of the grammatical elements, and this indicates its importance in Arabic speech, and the flexibility of the Arabic language, its capacity, and its richness in expressing the one meaning in many ways and forms. The research deals with the assertion without the extra tools, the source, the adjective, the condition, the affection, and others.

Keywords: Affirmation, Source, Grammar, Speaker, That.