Year:2024   Volume: 6   Issue: 1   Area: Sociology

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Lamyaa Hussien ASSI, Rasha Gaillan SHAKIR


The electronic trading of shares is one of the modern technical systems through which the sale or purchase of shares is carried out through the new electronic means of communication. which contributes to the speed of access to information to investors and ease of dealing in the stock market. and the investor should be aware and familiar with the rules that govern trading in the market through knowledge of the legal rules that regulate the trading process as well as the rules set by the legislator to regulate the control of the trading process. which is one of the important guarantees for the implementation of For the same reason. the legislator limited trading operations to the broker through the technology it provides for the trading process with market knowledge and specified the duties of the broker. which. once one of them breached. was subjected to legal liability. Based on the foregoing. we decided to divide the research into two sections. the first section deals with the control of electronic trading of shares and the second section deals with the responsibility of the broker

Keywords: : Stock Trading. Shareholder Guarantees.