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Abdallah-Tani KADDOUR


The university is an institution of higher education and scientific research and an essential means of cultural and scientific development.the individual is scientifically and culturally educated. it prepares frameworks in various disciplines of science to meet the economic, political and social needs included in national development plans. this is only possible through scientific research as the appropriate means of fact-finding and reaching accurate scientific results. Media and communication today continues to receive great attention from researchers and scientists specializing in this intellectual field of media and journalism studies due to the social role played by the media, in order to reach academic theories and applied models that frame media one way or another, the latter must be influenced by theoretical guidance in the sense of specialized theorizing by researchers. The current problem is not in theoretical guidance or academic research, but rather what a researcher should acquire during his training in media and communication, or in other words, how to reduce the gap between the theoretical and applied aspects of media education. Hence, the problematic question was posed as follows: to what extent can the theoretical and applied aspect of media education in Algeria be linked to the Department of media and Communication Sciences – University of Oran as a model -.

Keywords: Educational, Media and Communication, Higher Education Institutions, Theoretical and Applied Aspect.