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Ziad Tarek HATEM


The monarchy in ancient Egypt occupied a special place and the king played an important role in ancient Egypt, the king was absolute strength and will and unique in his clothing and badge, which acquired symbolism that reflects the absolute power and the ability to rebirth, the king is the living embodiment of the god Horus on earth. This research is in its general capacity and its association with divinity as the king was a god in every sense of the word, but the power of human beings in their lives was derived from the royal power deified as well as the order of the universe and its stability stems from the authority of the pharaoh, the king was not similar to God, and was not even half of the god, but was a complete god, as the monarchy in ancient Egypt priestly property, Any is a political function mixed and fused to religious and spiritual power, everything related to the king and the monarchy is imprinted with a religious character, even the king's badges and decorations, and the priests were able to dye the Egyptian monarchy with a strong religious dye that ruled the world. The research was divided into an introduction, three axes and a conclusion, the first axis included the ancient Egyptian king and that the ancient Egyptian perception of the king, who is an incarnate god representing the idol "Hour" on earth

Keywords: Royal_Egyptian_Civilization