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Sundus Majeed JABBAR


The current study deals with a presentation of the jurisprudentialterms mentioned in Surat Al-Nisa (verses of marriage) and their definitions by giving a definition to the jurisprudential term and its importance and the definition of Surat Al-Nisa' both briefly in the first topic. The terms have been arranged according to their occurrence in the verses. Then, a linguistic definition has been briefly and adequately presented to the term , and supported by jurisprudent definitions through the books of the jurists of "Hanafi, Maliki, Shafa'e, and Hanbali schools of thought, or books of interpretation, each according to his doctrine, in a sober scientific style in the second topic. The current study has included (twelve) jurisprudential terms. Through the research, it has been found that some terms in which the linguistic definition agrees with the jurisprudential terminological definition and the jurists of schools agreed upon defining some terms , and the definitions may differ in the same school, and from one school to another.

Keywords: Definitions, Surat Al-Nisa, Jurisprudential Terms.