Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Sociology

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Dr. Djamel BENTRAR & Prof Nacer BOUKROU


Questioning the development and expansion of the Covid-19 virus, we highlight in this contribution the disparity in the treatment of this phenomenon in France as is the case in other Western countries between the working classes and the bourgeois classes. It is for us to focus on the changes brought about by this pandemic which has crossed borders by demonstrating the political limits of each country. Several data can be presented in this direction, particularly with regard to the inequality in the face of death in Western countries between populations often immigrants who do not have access to first aid and unequal treatment according to social and ethnic origin. To understand the roots of this social disparity, it is necessary to review the history of migration in these countries. In the case of France, the constitution of poor neighborhoods is one of the over-determining factors in the spread of the virus. Although not exhaustive, this article offers a pragmatic analysis of this phenomenon by clearly pointing out its historical roots. By attempting to answer the essential question, namely are we dealing with a socioeconomic construction of vulnerability or rather a genetic exposure, we propose the notion of pandemic anomie to describe this social imbalance existing before, during and even after the passage. of this health crisis. In this sense, the statistics and figures put forward in this work clearly explain the extent of this pandemic anomie.

Keywords: Corona, Inequalities, Anomie, Containment, Disparity, Health.