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Many countries worldwide, especially in the West, are grappling with the ageing of their societies. The proportion of this sensitive demographic increase with their growing needs, requiring special care and attention. However, these countries vary in their capacities to meet these needs. Unlike many other nations, the Algerian society, over the past few decades, has seen a youth population exceeding 70%, a consequence of the population increase following the country's independence. The concept was to compensate for the losses during the liberation struggle, where the fertility rate reached over seven children per woman. This fertility rate quickly declined to 4.5 children per woman in 1990 and further dropped to 3.1 children per woman by 2016. The rise in fertility for more than two decades and the decline in mortality at all levels present a contrasting image of the population structure compared to the past and the present. These changes will inevitably lead to an ageing population. The new demographic composition of Algeria indicates a percentage of 9.3% of adults aged 60 and above. Will Algerian population face the challenges of ageing in the coming years?

Keywords: Fertility Increase, Mortality, Ageing, Population Structure .