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Abeer Najm Abdullah AL-KHALIDI, Hiba Abdulmohsin Abdulkareem ALBEHADILI


The research indicates an important humanitarian issue that was raised in an attempt to assess the humanitarian needs of the displaced families. With the government's move to focus on rehabilitation and recovery, humanitarian needs remain. Within the framework of the response plan to the most prominent of these challenges posed by the ISIS crisis, and the enforced disappearance of some members of those families, and its impact on these families, at first glance, those families were subjected to direct violence, represented by the practices of forcibly abusing women by the terrorist groups represented by ISIS, thus spreading terror and trauma in the hearts Families, in addition to the focus of this segment of families in the scope of political activity, as it has become a political card more than it should be a humanitarian and social card, and at second glance is their falling victim to cultural violence, which was formed in the form of (social stigma), as those families were stigmatized as (the absent). Those who have become one of the weakest segments of society in terms of interaction and status, as a result of the absence of the head or breadwinner of the family, and according to this, the circle of treason and suspicion has become hovering around them as they are suspected of having one of their members join the terrorist organization ISIS. In addition to the state of poverty and material destitution, which afflicted families, especially since they depend on practicing simple agricultural work, the loss of the head of the family or one of its members led to the weakness of human capabilities, and this is what generated a complex problem, which is (women and children labour, begging, school dropouts and health neglect). The research included a sample whose total number was (505) displaced males and females, 362 of whom were females and 143 males. From (7) governorates, they are Dohuk, Nineveh, Erbil, Anbar, Baghdad, Salah al-Din, and Maysan.

Keywords: Humanitarian Needs, Displacement, Camps.