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Amjad Owed AHMAD


This research deals with the study of Arabic dialects in the book (Al-Kafi Sharh Al-Hadi) by the author Abdul-Wahhab bin Ibrahim Al-Zanjani, who died (655 AH), and his position on them, and the book (Al-Kafi fi Sharh Al-Hadi), a great book that remained locked in manuscripts until it was edited by Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Youssef went on to complete the first part of it and obtained a doctorate with it. Then his son Anas completed the second part and obtained a master’s degree with it. The author of the book has many famous books, and perhaps the most famous of them before this book saw the light were the book (Al-Tasrif AlUzzi) and the book (Al-Hadi), which the author explained. Himself in his book (Al-Kafi fi Sharh Al-Hadi). The research was titled (Arabic dialects in the book (Al-Kafi fi Sharh Al-Hadi) by AbdulWahhab bin Ibrahim Al-Zanjani (655 AH) Selected Examples) to address four main issues related to dialects; The first issue was in which I studied the abnormal dialects in the letters of wrestling that are combined with the word (Anette), and the second issue in which I studied Arabic dialects in built-up adverbs and made the adverb (yesterday) a model for it, and the third issue dealt with Arabic dialects in the passive voice or what some grammarians call the passive voice. The impact of the Arabic dialects on the formulation of the verb that is built for the passive or passive object, especially the irregular verb and the differences in the movements it has when it is built. The fourth issue dealt with the study of the work of (what) and the Arabic dialects contained in it and the differences in its work, especially between the Hijazis and the Tamimis. In my research, I followed the analytical descriptive approach. I presented Zanjani’s text, which mentions the origin of dialects in the issue intended for the lesson. Then I proceeded to investigate the linguistic opinions that were said on this issue, following a sequence based on tracing the sayings of grammarians and linguists from the oldest to the newest, and trying to collect what He collected a number of opinions and balanced them among themselves, then balanced these statements with the opinion of Al-Zanjani mentioned at the beginning of the issue. The study of these issues was supported by various linguistic evidence from sources approved by linguists, such as the Holy Qur’an, and Arabic poetry, to document the occurrence of these dialects in the Arabic heritage, and then to come up with an opinion and a conclusion for each issue. In this study, I relied on the Arab sources that the research had found, which were organized into proven sources, and I made it after the conclusion that summarized the results of the research. I ask God for sincerity in word and deed and to guide us to the right path. He is in charge of that and capable of it

Keywords: Arabic Dialects, Al-Kafi Fi Sharh Al-Hadi, Abdul-Wahhab Bin Ibrahim AlZanja