Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: International Relations

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Anwer Ismael KHALEEL


This study dealt with the most important of those variables that stand behind the strengthening of relations between the Gulf Cooperation Council states and Israel in light of internal, regional and international circumstances, which had formed motives towards rapprochement in relations in a clear and overt manner after they were informal and not announced, and a realistic view of mutual interests was present in These relations, especially in recent years, so that each party can benefit from what is distinguished by the other side in an attempt to get rid of the effects of the problems facing both parties, and therefore these relations had started a new phase towards more cooperation in several areas. Relationships, as leaders on both sides realize it. several important results, the most important of which was that the reformist principle in these relations was clearly advanced in these relations, which could constitute an important engine for the development of these relations in the future.

Keywords: Mutual Interests, The New Middle East, The Arab Gulf Cooperation Council States, Israel