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Nesrin ARI


The name of Kânûnçe was not found anywhere in the text, which is a manuscript registered ‎as "Kânûnçe" in the catalog of manuscripts and is the subject of the study. This manuscript, ‎which is in the collection of Hacı Mahmud Efendi in the Süleymaniye Library, begins with the ‎phrase "hâẕâ kitâbü'ṭ-ṭıbb-ı other"; It consists of 35 sheets and 15 lines per page. The name ‎of the author is understood from the sentence which comes after Basmala, hamdale and ‎salvele."‎ The Süleymaniye copy is much more different than the Manisa and Bursa copies in ‎terms of content. In the text, which is the subject of the study, there are also ways of ‎treatment by superstitions, verses other than herbal treatment methods. There is also a ‎narration (19a/12-19b11) dedicated to Jesus. In this respect, the view that the text is another ‎medical book belonging to Abdülvehhab, containing the treatment methods fed by the ‎beliefs and traditions of the people, will be supported by this study‎‎‎.

Keywords: Abdülvehhab, Kânûnçe, Manuscripts, Traditional Treatments.