Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 5   Area: Media and Communication

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Entidhar Abdul Razzaq Abed Mohi AL- ABD ALAAL


The press in Sudan differs from other African countries. If the latter’s press originated at the hands of Europeans, and at the hands of patriots in Arab countries, it originated in Sudan at the hands of foreigners loyal to Britain since 1899, the beginning of the (British-Egyptian) condominium. Therefore, the press was not free, did not express the opinion of the people and was only concerned with what the British administration wanted, and it continued to do so until 1932. However, in spite of that, “Al-Fajr” magazine was published in June 1934 for its founder and editor-in-chief Arafat Muhammad Abdullah, and “Al-Fajr” played a role in achieving the goals for which it was issued, namely politics and public demands. It played a dangerous role in intellectual and political life. and literature in Sudan. Al-Fajr was concerned with specific axes to re-write the history of Sudan, and called for the renunciation of fanaticism and tribalism, the abolition of the indigenous administration system, the “indirect” government system, and the fight against sectarianism and partisanship. "Al-Fajr" paid attention to the Arabic language and literature. Al-Fajr" magazine had aleading role in the "Alumni Conference" and crowned their struggle by holding the General Conference, and publishing its ideas, principles and demands, as "Al-Fajr" was considered an important event in the world of Sudanese journalism in terms of editing, classification and style, especially in the field of literary journalism and journalism of studies, research and articles. the magazine continued In its line and kept giving until it stopped in 1939 after the conference established, leaving behind a trail of a developed school in the field of Sudanese and Arab journalism.

Keywords: Al-Fajr Magazine, Sudan, The press.