Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Woman Research

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Mohammed Subhi KHALAF


A person obtaining the nationality of a particular country is the criterion for distinguishing between the original national or the emergency national and the foreigner. The rights and conditions of individuals in society and the extent of submission to the state’s law or not are determined. And the foundation and launch of the legal authorities build on the foundation stone laid by the foundation stone of the concepts, concepts and principles adopted by the legislator, the national legislator, seeing the goals of political and social goals, the constituents of the society he rules, its tribes, and its adoption. A nationality law is one of the national legislation that is considered a national legal, political and social association that expresses a person's relationship with a particular state. Attempting to achieve gender equality is one of the important goals that states seek in all areas of life to which a person is associated. From a legal point of view, national and international legislation seeks to supplement and strengthen the role and rights of the Iraqi family with legislation that contributes to reducing the differences between women and men and achieving A degree of real equality between the two, especially in matters of modern nationality, which led to a trend in law to achieve the principle of equality in granting nationality, whether through the mother as a woman in the first place or through the father and not to distinguish between the two. However, we find that this equality has not been achieved in many aspects.

Keywords: Iraqi Nationality, Women’s Rights, Gender Equality, Imposing Iraqi Nationality.