Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 2   Area: Political science

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Khaled A. TUMI


This study presents four basic topics; The rooting methodology for the subject of the study; Taking into consideration the analysis of the status of the Water security and its association with national security in the Libyan Situation, Which is considered an impact relationship, but the lack of water resources inevitably leads to food shortages, this is what human existence depends on. Today, food has become one of the most dangerous weapons used by countries in their external relations. This would raise the ceiling of the challenges posed by the economic and political requirements of strategic management that depends more on the internal resources of the state and the competencies; Whereas security in its origin is indivisible as a concept, connotation or application, whether it relates to the security of the state, or the security of the individuals that that state contains, however, this theoretical idea does not find resonance in security studies or practical applications. The concept is part. And if each part has a concept, significance and application that differs from it from the other parts, on this basis, the subject of this study was chosen, this is to show the vital and important link between the water security and the national security of the state, and the extent of the economic and political impact of the former on the latter. As what we would like to clarify through this study is to address the concept of national security and related concepts, so that we can show the causation of the topic of water security now, also the implications of water security for national security, to identify the challenges in order to develop appropriate solutions for them in order to achieve water security for the Libyan society in the present and the future.

Keywords: Water Security, National Security, Influential Implications Challenges, Strategic Management, Present and Future.