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Hassiba NAILI, Mohammed HABBAR


The trend towards financial technology and artificial intelligence has become the dominant feature in providing banking services and managing banking activity, as this modern trend imposed by the technological revolution in recent years has allowed radical changes in the structure of banking services and customer interaction patterns, and there fore most banks seek to invest in Applications of financial technology and artificial intelligence and entering into partnerships with merging companies to improve their competitiveness and increase reliance on modern technology in providing banking services, and accordingly this research paper aimed to shed light on what financial technology and artificial intelligence are and highlight the role of their applications in developing the banking sector accredited. This is based on the descriptive approach because it is commensurate with the nature of the subject being taught. The study concluded that the use of artificial intelligence has helped to develop banks' performance by improving the quality of banking services which is provided to customers, reducing transaction costs and increasing efficiency due to the rapid response to customer requests, it may take a long time, and it may sometimes be impossible for humans to analyze all data It also contributed effectively to the availability of financial services to marginalized and excluded groups in the formal financial systems. The study also concluded that financial technology can make banking services faster, cheaper, and more secure, transparent and available.

Keywords: Financial Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Banking Sector, Technological Revolution.