Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 2   Area: Literature

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Ahmet KAYA


One of the most important authors of Turkish literature, Adalet Ağaoğlu, the second book in ‎the Dar Zamanlar trilogy, tells the social transformation of the country by focusing on the ‎inner world of the characters. A Wedding Night; describing the people of the period on the ‎brink of social, political, political and historical events; this is a novel that shows us the ‎identity conflict that these people experience. Adalet Ağaoğlu has an important place among ‎contemporary novelists. In his novels, he examined the time period starting from the first ‎generations raised by the Republic until the 1980s, the structure of the society, and the unrest ‎in life and made the subject of his novels. The phenomenon of time in the aforementioned ‎trilogy of Adalet Ağaoğlu, who made time the most important figure of her novels, has been ‎evaluated in terms of the logic of fiction and types. The types in the study constitute the ‎essence of the subject. A Wedding Night includes many new types/characters that appear for ‎the first time in the Turkish novel. The novel-fictional time, which runs parallel to social life, ‎naturally included the types in the life it conveyed into the novel. Under which character ‎name did the roles assigned to the types struggled? All these determinations will be discussed ‎in the study.‎

Keywords: Adalet Ağaoğlu, A Wedding Night, Type And Typology.‎