Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: International Relations

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After the events of 11/09/2001, Turkey gained strategic and geopolitical importance. It has become a candidate for becoming a model for the Middle East region. The extent to which this new situation can be comprehended and its requirements met is a significant challenge, and that Turkey faced at the beginning of the third millennium and, for its part, is trying to occupy a privileged position in both regional and international arrangements. With the increasing complexities of the Turkish environment between the changing regional and international scenes, Turkey has become directly involved in most of these crises in terms of encirclement, containment, participation, even from afar, in order to draw an effective strategy to highlight an important and influential geopolitical role in regional and international relations until Turkey has an effective regional and international role It must be highlighted, studied and analyzed in order to understand it. And, in the midst of all of this, there was an urgent need to investigate the available framework within which the current Turkish government works, and this framework, in turn, is guided by a set of internal and external factors, which are in fact determinants of Turkish foreign policy, and for this reason, the Turkish regional role cannot be understood without Focusing on the Turkish foreign policy and without analyzing these determinants and knowing the extent of their impact on the manufacture and direction of this policy and determining the strategic role of Turkey regionally in light of these complexities and future bets, and from it we pose the following problem: ‎ - What is the Turkish regional role in light of the present and future bets?

Keywords: Turkey's Current Role, Turkey, Middle East.