Year:2020   Volume: 2   Issue: 4   Area: Linguistics

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The science of grammar is the basis on which other Arabic sciences are based, and it is the container that embraces other linguistic sciences. The treatment of the irrational as the sane in the Arabic grammar is one of the interesting topics that the Arabs used in their speech. So they put common linguistic elements that are used for the rational person, and others towards (this, that ...) and put linguistic elements specific to the non-rational towards (what) that is connected, (what) interrogative, and they put linguistic elements specific to the rational person towards the collection of the peaceful reminder, the noun of the women, and some pronouns, And the call ... And when they saw that the real use does not fulfill their purpose and does not fulfill the meaning that they want, they borrowed the grammatical component that they originally set for the rational person. The research deals with this use, tracing its positions in the books of grammar, extracting it, presenting it, and supporting it with Qur´anic, poetic, and fabricated evidence. Required by the meaning, and the nature of the place in which these linguistic expressions were formed, thus indicating the purity of his linguistic preference, and the rhetoric was developed. Therefore, the research approaches a descriptive approach to this use, and an inductive analytical approach by presenting the incoming evidence, analyzing it, and demonstrating the beauty of this linguistic shift. It connects the two sciences of syntax with rhetoric, searching for the rhetoric of usage and the new meanings resulting from it. Hence the importance of the research that dealt with a delicate topic of Arabic grammar.

Keywords: The Sane, The Irrational, Arabic Grammar, Metaphor, Displacement.