Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Linguistics

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Azhar Ahmad Hamdan AL- TAMIMI


There is no doubt that after the conquest, the Arabs faced new problems in various aspects of ‎life and thought, which no longer benefited with the simple methods that they were proficient ‎in, but imposed on them new methods that must be learned and worked on, and that the ‎driving force that made Arabs interested in science comes from the Holy Qur´an and the ‎hadiths of the Prophet (PBUH) Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) who urges to seek ‎knowledge, and to convert Arabs from a tribal society into an urban society, and civilization ‎necessitates the necessity of seeking knowledge, and the only way for this is to transfer ‎science to their language through translation, and what the historians agree on is that thanks to ‎Al-Mansour, Al-Rasheed and Al-Ma'moon, translation has flourished and that To secure them ‎Freedom of thought and its expression, then by their gifts and the attractive salaries with ‎which scholars singled out them, then sending them the scientific expeditions to the country ‎of Rome to carry books and scientific and philosophical manuscripts to the House of Wisdom, ‎to be translated and explained by the most famous translators, and some princes, along with ‎the caliphs, assisted and encouraged the translation movement, that They made money to get ‎the manuscripts and made money for the translators and took care of their pension‎‎.

Keywords: Translation, Translation Motives, Direct Mixing, Results of The Translati Movement