Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Linguistics

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Researcher Baydaa Abbas ALI


Arab literature is undoubtedly the focus of attention of Jewish critics and translators, and their areas of interest in the modern era. And translate it or not realize it. Therefore, the Jewish translators used to translate many of the Arab literary products as the most vital means on the ground, which contribute greatly to the knowledge of the essence of Arab societies and the social transformations therein, so that literature is a mirror of the social, intellectual and political transformations that societies witness. Our research will focus on three prominent translators who have adopted unique trends of translation, in opposition to ideological motives, and led translation activities in different directions: Menachem Kaplwick (1988-1900), Shimon Ballas (1930-2019) and Anton Shammas (1950). All three represent not only three generations of translators who have worked within this translation activity, but also three ideological and ethnic groups of translators: the European-oriented Jewish translators who are the orientalists, and the Jews of Arab culture who maintained their confidence in this culture but who served in their activities and orientations.

Keywords: Trends in Translating Arabic Literature into Hebrew, Shimon Palas, Menachem Kapluik, Anton Shammas, Sami Mikhail.