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Starting from the two last decades of the former century, the Moroccan countryside has experienced profound transformations, which the researcher perceives to have taken and are taking place at an accelerated pace. In this regard, we present through this paper, a field study of one of these sites, namely the countryside of Ait Ali Boubker which is located within the purview of the province Sefrou and the Department of Imouzzer Kandar, part of Fes – Meknes region. This study adopted the technique of interviewing of a selected sample from the population of the chosen countryside. Our sample consists of 58 interviewees, including 23 females and 35 male respondents. Age has been a decisive determinant in the selection of the target segment. Thus, a group of people belonging to the generation of independence was selected so that its views about the various changes in this country could be verified. This allowed us to compare and contrast the past with the present-day situation and measure the vicissitudes of the events through the opinions and experiences of the living reality of these cohorts. The results of this survey point out that this countryside, which is predominantly inhabited by an Amazigh population, has witnessed several social, economic, cultural and linguistic changes because of a hodgepodge of factors. Thus, the population sample attributes the reasons behind this shift to the invasion of various communication channels, urbanization and mechanization as well as acculturation. If the trend continues in this direction, the researcher believes that the Moroccan countryside is gradually disappearing as a consequence of the confluence of the aforementioned factors and that the Moroccan Bedouin is progressively abandoning his bedouinness and adapting or else absorbing components of an increasingly globalized social environment.

Keywords: Moroccan countryside, Invasion of Communication Networks, Social Change, Diffusion, Acculturation, Urbanization