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Cherif GHIAT, Ibtissam SELATNIA, Mounira BOUFARH


This research paper aims to shed light on the reality start-ups in Algeria and in various sectors, by presenting the most important characteristics that distinguish them from other types of enterprises; With a focus on highlighting and demonstrating the importance that the Algerian government attaches to supporting and accompanying the owners of innovative projects, by explaining its effective role in raising economic growth, reducing the specter of poverty, unemployment and depletion of natural resources, in addition to preserving the environment. This paper, in its entirety, also seeks to present the reality of training in these institutions, as well as the extent of interest in and evaluation of it. As well as an attempt to identify the most important obstacles facing the implementation of the stages of the formative process, including an attempt to find out the extent of the contribution of emerging institutions in supporting and activating one of the most promising activities in Algeria represented in the tourism activity as a strategic option for economic diversification, and in order to embody this, the statistical approach was used in its descriptive and analytical styles. This is due to its suitability to the nature of the study. The research paper concluded with a set of results, most notably that emerging institutions play a pivotal and prominent role in modernizing and keeping abreast of developments in various fields of life, especially in the field of tourism, given the innovative and creative nature of this type of institution. The study also concluded that the main goal of any emerging institution lies in growth and survival and ensuring its continuity and success in the market. This inevitably contributes to the realization of the project, and to raising its efficiency and effectiveness for the advancement of the tourism sector in Algeria. In turn, this is what the state also aspires to by encouraging this through its enactment of a number of rules and laws, and its taking of procedures and measures to activate, on the one hand, tourism activity despite the difficulties and challenges that impede the implementation of this, and on the other hand, the success of these institutions because of the importance they represent in activating the pace of national development. Key words: .

Keywords: Tourism Formation, Innovation, Creativity, Start-Ups, Tourism Activity