Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 1   Area: Literature

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Majeed Khairallah RAHI


We have inherited an Arabic language with a long history that was rich in a great ‎wealth of words, words, structures and different styles, and many materials were ‎prepared for it from the reasons for sophistication that were used to keep pace with ‎the ages. From colloquial expressions, wrong words and styles such as verbs, nouns, ‎derivatives and plurals.‎ The structures of verbs in linguistic blogs have received great care and clear ‎attention, because verb is a fertile material that has enriched the language with ‎countless words through derivation and addition. That is why scholars called them ‎buildings, and most of the knowledge of the Qur’an and Sunnah is inferred by their ‎knowledge.‎ The verb in contemporary Arabic has proceeded in many directions, some of which is ‎correct and acceptable, because it came in accordance with the rules of the ‎language, and did not violate its analogy, and some of them were not acceptable, ‎because they violate the rules of the language and its origins, and it is necessary to ‎warn about the places of error in it, and to respond to pens and tongues. To the ‎correct eloquent one of its buildings, we thought that we present in this research the ‎trends of the development of the verb in contemporary Arabic, so we dealt with its ‎formulation, its significance, its transgression and its necessity, and its conjugation ‎with prepositions, and we have clarified the error in the uses of writers, orators and ‎writers of these verbs in their different conjugations.

Keywords: Verb, Contemporary Arabic, Formulation, Semantics, Transgression ‎And Necessity.