Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 3   Area: Art and Design

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Maad Asi ALI


Violence is a global phenomenon, and any contemporary society is not without this phenomenon, and the difference between societies in this phenomenon is in the degree of violence.Violence has many patterns, including some that takes behavioral activity, as it crystallizes according to what constitutes it on the one hand, and the nature of the social contexts from which it emerges and appears on the other hand. And with different social contexts, the patterns of the phenomena of thought violence may vary and vary.And that the practice of violence and whatever the actor in it, whether it is official, informal or popular violence, resorting to it indicates the existence of a crisis in society, the degree of its severity may be commensurate with the level of violence on the quantitative and qualitative levels. This study came (to know the trends of foreign satellite channels speaking in Arabic Regarding violence in Iraq) by analyzing the content of the study channels from Sky News and Al-Alam. In this study, the researcher aimed to achieve a set of objectives represented in identifying the nature of the trends adopted by Sky News Arabia and the Al-Alam channel in question, within each of the axes Violence in Iraq. And revealing the degree of relative focus that each channel in question has given to the axes on the issue of violence in Iraq. And to diagnose the trends of foreign Arabic-speaking satellite channels, represented by Sky News Arabia and Al-Alam TV, about violence in Iraq within all axes on the issue of violence. This study falls under the classification of descriptive research that depends on the content analysis form of the two study channels in terms of or content, by analyzing the content of news analyzes in the two channels during the period of the study. The research concluded with a set of results, the most important of which are: - The axis (the role of armed militias in spreading violence in Iraq) has won the first place in the hierarchical distribution of the axes of the main categories of analyzes in Sky News, after it obtained (34) recurrences and percentage A percentage of (38%), and this axis did not get any repeat in Al-Alam channel, and thus it ranked sixth and last in the channel. - The axis (neighboring countries and their role in the violence in Iraq) came in second place, with a number of (21) recurrences, and a percentage of (23.59%) in Sky News, while this axis ranked fifth with (10) recurrences and (9) %) On Al-Alam channel. - Axis (the Iraqi government and its position on the violence in Iraq), this axis came in third place with (16) recurrences, and a percentage of (17.97%) in Sky News. This axis ranked third also with (18) recurrences and a percentage (16.36%) in Al-Alam TV.

Keywords: Satellite Channels, Violence, Sky News And Al-Alam Channel.