Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Language Teaching

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Sulaf Mustafa Kamil AL-ANI


Colloquial tends to put (kasra) under the letters that indicate present verbs in general. This phenomenon, some of its sections are considered linguistically acceptable and have eloquent evidences, while others are considered to be against eloquence, defective and disruptive. There is no doubt that the term (Taltala) is commen among language specialists and it is defined by them that it is putting (Kasra) under the first letter of present tense verb, in general, as we will see in the literature of linguistics and other sciences, they transmit the traditional texts from the ancients about considering it from the vilified dialectal phenomena, and they consider the eloquent what is deprived of it. This r generalization has restrictions and limitations, and in order to clarify these restrictions and limitations, this research paper was written, to be of use to those who seek knowledge of the rules of this issue, whether they were readers who have an urgent need to know these details, as their books are empty of useful restrictions that meet their intellectual requirements and needs of clarification, limitation and control, or they were those who are specialized in language and aim to expand the circle of their knowlege of it in order to expand the license, and what is permissible and is not defective, to get rid of ignorance of the resources of eloquent texts and explicit evidences. You hardly find anything in this matter except for little references in the language books and its scattered topics. The research came in two parts, the first deals with these language books and what came in them after a brief introduction, and the second examines the books of the deviant anomalous readings and their approach to the issue, with an appendix that enlist Qur´anic examples in which the conditions and concepts of our phenomenon can be applicable to the research term (Al-Taltala). To distinguish between this and the authentic narrations and readings, I have prepared this brief research paper, supported by the apparent evidences from the anomalous readings with the correct chain of narrators

Keywords: Readings; Anomalous; Taltala.