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Ahmad William Ahmad MARAITA


In this research, we will learn about the role of the Palestinian media in shaping public opinion: an applied study on political programs on Palestinian television in the period from 2016-2022, and how Palestinian television played an important role in shaping international public opinion on the Palestinian issue. This study aims to reveal the role of political programs in changing reality and creating political awareness among the Palestinian society during the period in which Palestinian television witnessed a renaissance and transformation in the field of media, which is the period between 2016 and 2022. Hence, the research problem was determined by answering Its main question represented in the following: How does the Palestinian society view the role of political programs on Palestinian television in forming their political awareness through political programs? Research questions: Did the citizen feel the transformation and development in the Palestinian TV during the period between 2016 and 2022? What is the degree of interest of the Palestinian community in the political programmes? What are the ways for students of the Palestinian society to benefit from the political issues presented by the Palestinian TV? What is the role of the political program presented by the Palestinian TV in encouraging the Palestinian society to participate politically? What is the degree of confidence of the Palestinian society in the topics presented by the Palestinian TV? By evaluating the political product of the Palestinian television programs in the period between 2016 to 2022, by analyzing the political discourse to reveal the impact of media policy on the contents, the quality of the media discourse and the style of presentation, and the extent of the impact of political programs on the audience. The importance of research: Television dealt with its history and Its advantages, dialogue programs, their forms and patterns, in addition to presenting the media strategy for television After presenting and analyzing the data, classifying and interpreting it, the research methodology: using the descriptive approach that aims to depict, analyze and evaluate the characteristics of a specific situation that is characterized by specificity.The researcher designed a questionnaire A questionnaire to measure the role of political programs in shaping public opinion and targeted the political elite in the Palestinian society.The researcher also used the field practice survey method to The Department of Political Programs for Palestinian Television to find out the policy it pursues in producing programs. Keywords: only five words within the research specialization: soft power, political media, Palestinian society, political culture, public opinion.

Keywords: The Palestinian Media, Political Media.