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Tamara Mohammad Zietoun HADDAD, Ameen Ramadan Suleiman KA'BNAH


‎ The media and social networking sites are a major source that the public resorts to in obtaining ‎information on all political, cultural, and economic issues, due to its social effectiveness, its wide ‎spread and its ability to address the bulk of the societal formation, and some believe that the ‎media has no role in promoting steadfastness practices in various Social, economic and political ‎fields, so the aim of this research is to identify the role of the media and social networking sites ‎in strengthening the practices of resilience in various social, economic and political fields through ‎the formative and polarizing role in light of the great technological progress that the world is ‎witnessing today, where the means of communication have developed tremendously thanks to ‎the progress The scientific revolution and the technological revolution, so that the media became ‎playing a fundamental role in raising the public's interest in the issues and problems at hand, ‎specifically with regard to steadfastness and the Palestinian struggle and resistance in all fields ‎and the impact of this on the consolidation of the Palestinian presence on its land. In order to ‎complete this research, the descriptive approach was used, which is one of the most appropriate ‎approaches suitable for such research, especially that this approach showed the role played by the ‎media and social networking sites with regard to the Palestinian struggle and resilience and ‎strengthening resilience. The research was applied to a random sample of citizens of areas ‎classified as "C" and areas of the Jordan Valley threatened with confiscation, and the number of ‎the sample was (80) individuals, and data were collected through personal interviews and focus ‎groups for their suitability for research purposes, and the results were extracted through answers ‎to interview questions. One of the most important results of the research was that the media and ‎social networking sites have an important role in promoting steadfastness practices in various ‎social, economic and political fields, as well as showing awareness between the meanings of ‎steadfastness, struggle and resistance. In linking the various parties concerned with the ‎Palestinian struggle to each other, and mobilizing support in order to preserve the unity of the ‎struggle in all its forms and to stand firm in the face of occupation and extremism, and to ‎confront anyone who tries to exterminate the Palestinian presence on its land and establish its ‎steadfastness in all forms of steadfastness. The modern approach to strengthening the practices ‎of steadfastness in various social, economic and political fields, and working to highlight the ‎struggle role and establish a national strategic vision that establishes a new stage towards ‎achieving the goal of liberation from occupation and strengthening this through activities and ‎initiatives that work to stabilize the Palestinian on his land within the context of steadfastness ‎projects with the help of government institutions And civil society institutions, the private sector, ‎and the countries concerned with the Palestinian stabilization in on its land and benefit from its ‎wealth for the benefit of the Palestinian people‎.

Keywords: Media, Resilience‎.