Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Language Teaching

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Travel literature is one of the narratives that the Arabs knew in the past, as it is a historical, geographic and visionary representation of others. The trip works on education. This is what the interactive text Ibn Battuta´s Journey to Dubai Al-Mahrousa by Muhammad Snagleh evokes in intertextuality with Ibn Battuta´s Journey, a Masterpiece of Overseers in the Oddities of the Regions and the Wonders of Travel by Ibn Battuta. If the latter travelled around the countries, the interactive text goes towards anticipating the future time in 2051, to read about the economic and political aspects in Dubai only. This research paper seeks to present a reading that combines the aesthetics of the interactive text with the tourist discourse. To what extent does interactive creativity contribute to the development of tourism? What are the possibilities offered by the blue screen for developing ancient narratives according to a modernist perspective? As for the curriculum, it is the systemic approach and interactive criticism. As so, the research is divided into two sections: 1 - The journey from paper to digital: Snagleh´s digital text consists of three units: the body text and its hyperlinks of a video, including images and sounds, and a pure interactive text for the reader's creativity and interactive participation in a two-track virtual journey. These are either directed to Ibn Battuta himself as a story and paper character, or send to the author of flesh and blood (i.e: Snagleh), editing the experience of the trip to Dubai or writing a comment or opinion. This is one of the suggested images of the interaction between the recipient and the text. 2. The Unsaid in the Discourse on Tourism: Snagleh diversified between spaces by highlighting its merits, and facilitating the means of transportation by air, sea and land. These options increase the persuasive power, and although Dubai is the glass civilization, Snagleh dazzles by showing the cultural coexistence between nationalities. However, he did not realize the overwhelming foreign presence among the natives. Thus, Snagleh´s novel can be counted as a cultural text, the implications of which can be read. Snagleh didn´t use Ibn Battuta as a paper figure as in Barthes´ terms, but as a sufficience. It is a strategic tourist guide, promoting Gulf tourism in Dubai by attracting the recipient with paintings and icons. Hence, literature is no longer a marginal product, but rather an economic industry that moves the wheel of sustainable development and increases its civilization incomes.

Keywords: Interactive Novel, Discourse on Tourism, Ibn Battuta, Snagleh, Dubai.