Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 8   Area: Language Teaching

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Jumana Khalid MOHAMMED & Abeer Fadhil HADI2


Online platforms are defined as (websites that have a technical link on the Web, ‎containing units or lessons for teaching the Arabic language, which consist of a ‎number of educational materials and activities that provide a set of multimedia ‎to achieve specific educational goals). Education is no longer confined to ‎educational institutions and universities. Because of the Internet, the field of ‎education has expanded, especially with the emergence of online learning as ‎one of the means that support the teachin/ learning process, transforming it from ‎the well-known indoctrination phase in traditional education to another, more ‎distinguished and creative phase. It works on developing skills through adopting ‎computers and networks in the transfer of knowledge and skills. The importance ‎of these educational platforms has emerged with the breakout of the Corona ‎pandemic, which have led governments to adopt online learning and educational ‎platforms in the delivery of academic material to students - in line with the ‎decisions of closing schools, universities and public facilities, that swept the ‎world, in order to save people's lives in light of the spread of the virus. Here, ‎the importance of educational platforms emerged, including "Al Jazeera ‎platform for teaching Arabic to native and non-native speakers." This platform ‎relies on Al Jazeera news network, which it is affiliated with, to provide the ‎platform with written, audio and video news, making it with rich and renewable ‎content. This is, in addition to lessons in teaching Arabic. These lessons are on ‎‎ (syntax, morphology, and spelling) divided into three levels (beginner, ‎intermediate, advanced) and each of them is divided into (lower, intermediate, ‎higher) preceded, in the beginner level, with teaching the pronunciation of ‎Arabic sounds. All of this is accompanied by a number of exercises and ‎comprehension questions, with a list of the most prominent words in the text ‎and their translation, and through the tests on the platform, it is possible to ‎determine the linguistic level of the learner.

Keywords: Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers, E-Learning, Teaching Arabic sounds.