Year:2019   Volume: 1   Issue: 1   Area: Sociology

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Kadhim Kh. Abdul WAHID & Basheer I. Al-TAIF


he issue of food in the world in general and the Arab world in particular is of great importance due to the large increases in population growth rates and what these increases require from an increase in the rates of local food production at rates parallel to the increase in the population preparation to reduce the food gap, as the size of this gap Among the most important main indicators of the potential for achieving food security, the provision of an appropriate level of food for all members of society is one of the most important elements for achieving the appropriate health level to which human development aims which is one of the goals of sustainable development, from that the research problem crystallized in highlighting the role of development in achieving a steady increase in Production and per capita income and expanding the size of productive employment that provides greater justice in the distribution of the benefits of development and thus reducing the size of poverty and ignorance, as a result of this hypothesis that provides for achieving food self-sufficiency through the use of sustainable development and development methods especially that Iraq has All its components. As for the aim of the research, it came to the topic of plans, policies and measures required to reach food security and protect the state´s entity. From this the importance of the research emerged as the fact that Food security is one of the dangerous issues that society faces as a result of the effects that result from it, such as the social problems of delinquency, drug abuse and begging, as well as the low level of health and education, and the research concluded with the results and recommendations.

Keywords: Sustainable development, food security, Optimal use of resources, Self-sufficiency and food gap.