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Nesreen Shahda Ahmad ELMADHON


Folmen that the spinning is one of the oldest hair types that have been on the throne of the poetic topics on the ages - from the Jahili to the modern era - which took a large space of poetic wealth, both on the level of poetry or at the level Lovers and tasty, and no doubt that every era of its own features, which has been shaded by the spirit of public, and the invasion, especially, but the forthcoming poetry in the modern era was characterized by the representation of the nature of the Arabs away from the innovation and all the Svih In the period of stagnant periods of the Abbasid Age as a result of the mixing of dear. This research is considered as saying: [The rich picture in contemporary poet poet companion Jawaq model]. The portrait of the poet Rafiq al-Jawash, who revealed several major results First, the poet Rafiq al-Jawash from poets representing the image of the general poetry, and the pork is particularly, as well as that he described the distant virgin all the dimension of instincts, lusts and excitement, adhered to its spinning images in the vulnerable image AlAfifi without mentioned for alleys of the beloved or the alumni in the spinning and is a feature of the times The poet employed internal music employment of his own breeding tools, and there has been a rhino-quarreling, metaphor and a metaphor and this is indicating that the jaws can be able to hire it.

Keywords: Contemporary Poet, Jawaq.