Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Literature

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Mohammed BOUZEKRI & Mohammed SALAMI


The main step in this research assumes that political discourse should be treated as a convincing speech that pleads the different means of linguistic and non-linguistic argumentations to influence and induce the recipient, where we will discuss political discourse in terms of semiotic and pragmatics behaviors that take it out of a normal nature to a different coding. We will also see it as a new organization of semantic units at the heart of the culture incubating meanings, as accessing and reviving them, but it is done by digging into the memory of the political, and evoking - as much as possible - its cultural dimensions, which can only be done by activating the semantic power. From this perception, everything that is politicized can refer to a particular human situation that is culturally framed, through certain cultural conditions but with the need to know the semantic relationships that allow us to move from direct reporting cases to various possible inspirational and dynamic aspects.

Keywords: Rhetoric, Political Discourse, Semiotics, Pragmatics.