Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Art and Design

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Liqaa Ahmed ADUL AL RAHMAN, Hind Kamel WALE


Due to the recent technical progress, the research dealt with the concept of the product of formal innovation in interior design techniques. The first chapter included the crystallized research problem (Is there a formal innovation resulting from interior design techniques?) and included the research objective, importance, limits of research and defining terminology, as well as the second chapter included Which talks about innovation, form and the interdependence that occurs between them technically by using the smart technological system and creating smart spaces in an innovative way and with formal relationships with new organizations to achieve attraction and arouse interest by relying on design formations and their expressive and abstract properties in the interior space to create new innovative ideas and formal structures in terms of aesthetic and functional use factors Technology of the smart system, then the research included the third chapter of the research methodology in which the descriptive analytical approach was adopted and two samples were intentionally selected for the original research community. The results and conclusions that have been reached, the most important of which are: Technological factors in the spaces were different in the two samples in terms of the moving horizontal and vertical determinants between the complete verification of the first sample and its lack of verification in the second sample. Including the technique of controlling spaces was also different according to the variation in the moving determinants, so what was achieved in the first was achieved in the control of spaces.

Keywords: Innovation, Technologies, Design, Interior Design, Contemporary Design