Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Religious sciences

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Sennia HENNI


The phenomenon of probability is one of the characteristics of the Arabic language which has been brought to it by its people, predicting the flexibility and the lightness of this means of expression. The existence if this feature in the Arabic language proves the open-mindedness of its users who gave it different significations thanks to the exact formulation of its words in structures that take into considerations the grammatical connotations. Besides, this suitable contextual formulation facilitated the interpretation of the acquired meanings. Without any doubt, the Quranic formulation is full of eloquent statement that express God´s intention, whether on the expressive, verbal or the structural value. The objective of the present research is to show the importance of this linguistic method through tackling various examples of derivatives used in the Quranic expression. It will also try to show the effectiveness of these derivatives that were perceived as a linguistic mean covering abstract probabilities in the Qur´anic context

Keywords: Probability, Connotations, Derivatives, Context