Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 6   Area: Literature

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Khadeeja Adree MOHAMMED & Rushdi Talal LATIF


The paper deals with intertextuality as an artistic phenomenon that well overwhelms poetry with aesthetic perspectives. The phenomenon enriches the experience of poetry with selective hereditary witnesses that promotes the poetic text with intertextuality and interpretations within the intertextual texts. The paper opens itself with what the lexical and contextual meaning of intertextuality is, then tackles the views of the old and modern critics with reference to intertextuality in poetry and in the poetic text, and finally ends the findings of the paper sealed by the works cited. The poet, Jassim Mohammed Jassim, deals cleverly with the absent text in a high way that shows his skillful awareness and knowledge. His poetic images and the images of the absent text along with the folkloric heritage gather together to form a perfect mingling of rhyme, rhythm, and utterances. His poetic text and the alluded text conspire to, on the one hand, refer to popular names that are often referred to in poetry and, on the other hand, the utterances and terms that are relevant to the world of poetry.

Keywords: The Poetic Allusion, Jassim Mohammed Jassim's Poetry, Arab Folkloric Heritage