Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 4   Area: Literature

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Oumar Checkh OUSMAN


The travel literature is the literature in which the author describes what happened to him during his travels, while providing an accurate description of peoples' customs and traditions that differ, from one people to another. The travels continued unabated during the times, until the appearance of the journey of the traveler's imam in the Arab world Ibn Battuta, the greatest Muslim traveler, as we know who is distinguished by his journey with a lot of knowledge it contains. It follows from this journey, the subject of this research, entitled "The narrative art of the description of sultans and kings at ibn Battuta: descriptive analytical study" This work aims to demonstrate the existence of the stories of sultans and kings in the journey of Ibn Battuta and to consider the book of the journey of ibn Battuta an important reference in the description of lifestyles, traditions, values and the arts of society, as well as a science that deals with the analysis and interpretation of the cultural situation of society. It is worth mentioning that Ibn Battuta´s trip is one of the sources of historical science, which recounts the events he witnessed during the succession of sultans and wars, as he was very interested in the Description of the areas visited and having greatly contributed to the sciences of geography and cartography. Ibn Battuta´s journey helped broaden the horizons of man and his acquaintances by attempting to paint a clear picture of the social and geographical reality and the most important scenes he has attempted to describe, as well as part of his autobiography by telling everything about him during his trip. Sometimes this cynical and light approach can be a treat for grief and psychological pain. The trip portrays an old image of history in which elements such as storytelling, dialogue, description, etc., combine pleasure and interest

Keywords: Narration, Description, Sultans, Kings, Ibn Battuta, Travel Literature