Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 5   Area: Media and Communication

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Anwer Mohamed Ahmed ABUJANAH


The great role and the great importance that the media occupy nowadays is very clear to be noticed, it is one of the most important institutions, and one of the most important platforms that communicate its voice to people and it works to cultivate beliefs and ideas, and shape people's opinions about what is going on around them, and their perception of issues. Popularity of modern information in the transfer of modern ideas is a key factor that affect Related the country, and well prepared Related to scientific and technological progress to speed up the delivery of the media message. The importance of the media has increased in our era accordingly In sound, image and word, the development that took place in the media by relying on satellites and the industrial sector for radio and television broadcasting, which occurred in printing and electronic newspapers, distances were reduced between regions and eliminated the borders and separations between nations and peoples. The media has reached the peak of importance and danger at the same time, due to its great influence on Stirring up public opinion for or against what is happening in terms of developments or changes, and the amendment or incitement that occurs on the constants in social values, intellectual beliefs, religious approaches, and different concepts in the affairs of the Human life in various parts of the world reached by the media, as the media and its means have become leadinga major role in transmitting and disseminating information, describing events, and forming public opinion, and this role has grow In general, there are more typical ways with the advancement of science, the intertwining of its interests, and the important role of the media In the community, and the media through it can provide community members with the information they may have Become public opinion material.

Keywords: Media, Political Media, Public Opinion, Political Decision.