Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Law

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Dr. Mohamed Abd JERR


The constitutional oath is one of the important issues because of the procedures it entails after it is performed by the persons entrusted with it constitutionally, therefore constitutions make sure that the oath is among its texts, but the most important and most serious issue is the violation of the constitutional oath, so how do constitutions and legislations deal with this issue and what are the legal effects of Violating the oath because the oath came with a binding constitutional text, and this obligation is offset by a penalty in case of violating it, given that the majority of constitutions did not address the issue of perjury with the constitutional oath only in a shy treatment of the state of the head of state, and if the head of state in the parliamentary system is related Formal greetings, as he often does not walk towards committing any constitutional violation by virtue of his limited powers, unlike the president in the presidential system, so everyone must be responsible for taking the oath to be subject to responsibility and reward when he is sworn in with the oath, and that this penalty is commensurate with the act or behavior committed by that The person did the harm and the damage here is huge because it relates to a constitutional issue that has political implications for the country and this is what I tried to explain through this study.

Keywords: The Legal Implications, The Constitutional Oath, Constitutional Issue.