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This research paper is a modest touching on a topic that comes down in the context of a scientific activity that aims to clarify the position of the Arabic language among the languages of the world, and to investigate the challenges that it faces in the light of linguistic globalization, and to search for the antidote to eliminate this deadly linguistic poison that has spread in the Arabic language as a result of globalization Accordingly, language is a basic element in the knowledge society, as the self, identity, and tool for making society. The culture of every nation is latent in its language. It spreads with the strength of its people, and recedes with their weakness, as it is the cultural arsenal that builds the nation and protects its entity. Accordingly, who did not possess his language did not possess the reasons for progress in a time when he who did not advance was late, and therefore the great powers compete in order to enable their languages in their countries, and spread them in the world, harnessing all their political, material, human and technical power to achieve this goal, taking as a slogan in that “If you teach your people their language, you possess them.” It has been proven realistically, that the Arabic language lives today in the midst of the jungles of linguistic globalization and is waging a war of legitimate survival despite the challenges it faces, meaning that it has become fraught with foreign languages, as it has come to look at the English language with a superior look, while looking at the language of the Dhad with an inferior look, which is dangerous. Based on this, the problem we seek to address is: - What are the ways to improve the language of Dhad, and to advance it in the light of linguistic globalization? - Is the Arabic language able to keep pace with the developments of the times and withstand the hurricanes of globalization? To decipher this code, we relied on a plan that included an introduction and a conclusion, with three axes in the middle: - The website of the language of Al-Dhad globally. Linguistic globalization and its impact on the Arabic language. - Ways to advance the Arabic language to face linguistic globalization.

Keywords: The Language of Dhad (Arabic), Linguistic Globalization, Impact, Challenges, Prospects