Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 1   Area: Education

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Researcher Youssef ABBOU


Indeed, probing the learning and acquisition processes, and perfecting its methods in terms of acquiring knowledge, and achieving academic success from within the research in the psychology of intelligence in general, has been the main focus in modern psychology. But aside from this early interest in the relationship of intelligence, in general terms, with cognitive competencies and school learning, has been officially recognized as a field of study during the nineties of the last century of the great impact and influence of emotional factors helped achieve compatibility and played a major role in academic success. Hence, the significance of this work is to highlight the importance of emotional factors and their role in motivating the students and enabling them to be aware of thier mental capabilities and cognitive competencies, emphasizing the need to focus on the positive aspects of thier cognitive processes, and all that is nourished and saturated with pedagogical practices and (didactic) teaching methods. As a result intimidation and frustration are replaced by encouragement, dialogue and flexibility reject repression. Toughness and isolation let the floor for interaction and participation. Positivity becomes one the main goals that we seek to achieve through this work in order to emphasize the importance of student´s motivation, the necessity of educational motivational communication, the attractiveness of the cognitive material in school subjects, as well as giving importance to the student and make him the center of the teaching-learning process so that he becomes self-independent ,free and able to be more creative while thinking. While the general problematic of this research - which takes cognitive psychology as its background, and positive psychology its theoretical model - can be summarized in determining the nature of the relationship between emotiona and learning, and how emotional variables and affects states effect the student´s learning and acquisition process.

Keywords: Positive Psychology, Learning, Cognitive Processes, Emotion, Motivation.