Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 4   Area: Education

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İhsan Hadi AHMED


Yaşar Kemal is considered one of the important writers of short stories and novels in the Turkish Literature in the 20th century. His real name is Kemal Sadık Gogecli. He was born on 6th of October in 1923, which means before 23 days of the foundation of the Turkish Republic. He was born in town of Hamida (which is known now as Gökçedam) which belonged to Ottoman city. He was known by being a writer of series of novels called (İnce Memed) or (The thin Mohammed), which he wrote and complete it in a series about 32 years. He lived a very long life and wrote several short stories and novels among them are novels for children and epic novels as well as poems. Yaşar Kemal, who has a very great position in the Turkish literature, on 28th of February 2015 in Istanbul. Yaşar Kemal is considered one of the successful writers in the 20th and 21st centuries. Moreover, he was a journalist too. He died in the hospital after taking him to it and died because one of his organs stopped. He was buried in Zincirlikuyu Cemetery in Istanbul. The writer, who signed on most of his writing, is the best example in writing his novel (If They Kill the Snake). It is a tragic novel that narrates the events happened in the town of Hamida in an Ottoman City where he was born. A woman whose name is “Ismi” and lives in the countryside plays the main protagonist in the novel. The year 1976 witnessed the publishing of several subjects by the novelist that deal with love, morality, mother mercy and many more. Forming a family means studying the family structure of the family. It can be seen from different perspectives especially in Turkey whose family structure is different according to the geography of each area. The form of the family, which includes several types such as the traditional and modern, is constructed according to the characters of the individuals by whom the family is formed. The writer in his novel “If They Kill the Snake” deals with to the subject of forming a family from different perspectives that is difficult to compare with the conventions and social structure of the modern time. This makes the novel in the first position among other novels written by out novelist. The abstract of the study includes a research about the life of the writer Yaşar Kemal and his literary personality as well as his literary writings. It introduces also a research about the concept of the family. In the end, there is a study to analyze the structure of the family from the point of view of Yaşar Kemal after introducing a plot summary of the novel “If They Kill the Snake”.

Keywords: Yaşar Kemal, Short Story, Novel, Literature, The Family, Forming A Family, The Big Family, The Core Of The Family, The Relatives, The Close People, Blood Relation, The House, Living Spaces, Comment, A