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Bouaroua BAKIR, Aicha MAHMA, Nouacer NASSIRA


Our article discusses the division of torrents in the villages of the M'zab Valley, this strange system that divides torrents in an arid, desert and dry region. Focusing on the "Bushmjan" area in the city of Ghardaia, and we also discuss the stages of establishing this important traditional system, which runs through well-known valleys, and is interspersed with traditional water facilities that have withstood despite all the factors of time as they are still functioning to this day despite all the devastating floods that affect the Region. *Our article focuses on the division of the floods that occur in the villages of Wadi M’zab, which is a part of the ancient and prestigious city of Ghardaia, This city is recognized as a due to its tangible and intangible heritage. This ingenious and well-planned system of dividing the foods that result from the scarce rain in this arid and dry region had a significant impact on the development of the area. Thanks to the local resident’s genius, the scarce floods were transformed into a source of prosperity and growth, and the area became renowned for its thriving oases. Our research delves into the stages of establishing this traditional system, as well as a description of the region, its topography, climate, and the reasons for the scarce rainfall. We highlight the key elements of dividing the floods, such as dame, canals, other similar structures, along with a description of the most important traditional dame in the region. We focus on the area of “Boushmaghne” in the Ghardia city as model, although there are other division in other area such as Ben Isguen El Guerara, and Beryan. Despite the harsh climatic and material conditions of this unforgiving desert region and the Destructive floods it has endured, these traditional structures are still standing and functioning effectively to this day

Keywords: Floods, Ghardaia, M’ZAB, Dams, Water.