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Ilham Mahmoud AL-JADER, Saja Muhammad KAZEM


The Nazis aimed to make Germany a judenrein by making their living so difficult that they would leave the country. After Germany annexed Austria in March 1938, a large number of German and Austrian Jews came under the rule of the Nazis. Many Jews did not find countries willing to accommodate them and were paralyzed in obtaining the required visas to enter the country. Therefore, President Franklin D. Roosevelt called for an international conference, in response to mounting political pressure, to study the problem of Jewish refugees. In June 1938, representatives of thirty-two countries met in the French resort of Evian. During that nine-day conference, representatives stood one by one to express sympathy for the refugees. However, most countries, including the United States and Britain, made excuses for not allowing refugees to enter their lands. Research problem: The study seeks to answer the following question: What are the options available for accepting refugees from Nazi Germany? What steps can be taken to facilitate the entry of Jewish refugees? From these questions, a number of questions arise, which will be mentioned in the course of the research. The importance of the study: The importance stems from the fact that it deals with an important issue that concerns many countries, where the issue of migration and solving the refugee problem is one of the most important topics that present itself strongly. Objectives of the study: The study aims to shed light on the Levian Conference in light of the following objectives: Following the policy of Nazi Germany towards the Jews in Germany and Austria and an attempt to address the tragic situation of refugees by holding an international conference. The research relied on the historical and inductive analytical method by identifying the main factors that led to the holding of the Evian Conference and subjecting the information mentioned by historians to analytical induction, not for the sake of the past, but planning for the future. A research plan was adopted that consisted of an introduction, two chapters and a conclusion. The first topic was entitled Nazi Germany’s policy towards the Jews, in which we explained the conditions of the Jews in Germany when Adolf Hitler took 1, Volume 5, Issue 1, January 2023 405 power. The second topic was entitled the Evian Conference 1938 and its results. We highlighted the international position on the displacement of Jews from Germany and Austria, and the most important The results of the meeting.

Keywords: The Evian Conference, The Nazis, German Jews