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Henane ALDJIA, Zeghoud NISSA


he change that societies are witnessing today is the result of a number of technological, economic and social factors. Among the technological factors that have contributed to social change, we find social networking sites to networks that are an important factors in preparing the requirements for change by creating awareness in a person’s view of this society and the world the content that headdresses through news, Cultural, entertainment, or other messages, us accompanied with the passage of time by a change in mindsets and mindsets, which occur at an advanced stage in a change in the cultural structure as a whole , so that communication technology constitutes the infrastructure for the formulation and dissemination of cultures among its active members. Social networking sites are electronic means and means on the internet that allow their users a public space for communication through which individuals and communities can exchange benefits and experiences among themselves. And Algerian society is considered one of the relatively late societies in the use of social media, as the spread and actual use of it began among Algerian society since the mate nineties. And this use had positive effects, whether for the individual in his culture and knowledge resources, or for individuals in achieving communication scientific, cognitive, cultural and social in between, through the exchange of experiences, conversation, sympathy and discussion on many issues of concern to man in his daily love and in his social relations. but in addition to the positives that social media produces, it has many negatives that affect the individual and society alike, the most widespread phenomenon is the phenomenon of social, isolation of individuals and their attachment to the virtual community, which causes them to lose the ability to perform their social roles and responsibilities, this is reflected in the cultural identity of the individual whether language or religion or in terms of social relations customs and traditions therefore, this research paper comes to study the impact of these social networks on cultural identity in a field study of a group of young people who use the face book network a lot.

Keywords: Social Media, Identity, Culture, Impact