Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 3   Area: Literature

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Ashwaq Muhammed Ismaiel ALNAJJAR


This research aims to study Obama's farewell speech when he consigned to the White House a deliberative study through multiple mechanisms. Perhaps the perceptive deliberative approach is the best method for analyzing political discourse, as it can reveal the elements of political discourse, so that other language approaches do not work, and from this concept he saw Research marked by (the efficacy of deliberative perception and mechanism in Obama's farewell speech) explored the deliberative principles and deduced them in Obama's speech. Therefore, this research may seek to study phenomena that have cognitive effectiveness deliberative process, including the efficacy of perceiving implicit (indirect) meanings, the effectiveness of perceiving linguistic circulating signals in their four classes, such as personal signs, spatial signs, temporal signs, social signs, the effectiveness of perceiving pre-assumption, the effectiveness of perceptive dialogue comprehension, and the effectiveness of recognizing the theory of speech actions according to the classification of each of Austin Searle, the effectiveness of the awareness of the principles of speech, and the effectiveness of the awareness of the theory of relevance. The research found that Obama's speech is a good application model for establishing deliberative elements and realizing their effectiveness in it, since it belongs to the field of political discourse, with evidence that his speech is based on multiple cognitive deliberative mechanisms and mechanisms, so that his speech is not without deliberative principles, as the recipient can perceive in his speech. The effectiveness of the realization of implicit meanings, despite its heavy reliance on direct, explicit method and meanings, as well as the presence of linguistic references such as personal references that in his speech overshadowed the use of pronouns denoting the group of speakers (Na) with its two coloring related pronouns and separate pronouns, besides seeking help The limited pre-assumption, and Alastelzam talk show, and the theory of acts of speech, has been taken into account in his speech, the principles of conversational speech as a principle quantity, and the principle of how, and the principle of relevance, the principle of the party, and the principle of politeness, with the violation of every principle of these principles. The research also found that the farewell speech to Obama is a deliberative speech with distinction, as if it is based on deliberative principles that have great effectiveness in achieving the efficacy of his speech on the one hand, and achieving the process of verbal communication between him and the recipient on the other hand, through various strategies and mechanisms, to influence his supporters and his fans. ‎

Keywords: Obama; Farewell Speech; The Perceptive Deliberative.