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Hussein Muhammad Musa JAAFAR


The current research dealt with an important aspect of the technical processes in ‎industrial design in a more precise manner than similar researches based on the title ‎of the tagged research (the effectiveness of attraction and excitement in the design of ‎industrial products (sports cars) as a model)، because of its importance in the ‎design of industrial products in different shapes and sizes and multiple functions ‎for its important and active role in human life, The research has dealt with four ‎chapters. The first concerned with the statement of the research problem, which ‎was determined by the following question: - Is the excitement reflected in its output ‎concept on the recipient's sense of interaction with the industrial product? ‎ The importance of the research is summarized as follows:‎ In that it sheds light on an important aspect of the modern technological aspects in ‎the methods of car treatment externally and formall, it focuses on the aesthetic as ‎well as the functional aspect in an attempt to attract the taste of the recipien, ‎Because it is the shape that catches the eye in the beginning, which means more ‎chances to sell, therefore, two are no different from the inevitability and importance ‎of this stage, therefore، companies attach great importance to industrial design and ‎are keen to make vehicles appear distinctive، and since every work begins with ‎planning as you want to do it, here in the automotive industry, the whole design is ‎based on fertile imagination, and then those fantasies turn into lines and thoughts. ‎Lines and ideas that designers put on paper, after a lot of planning, modification, ‎and available additions, an acceptable form that represents the silhouette of a new ‎car is reached، after that, these shapes are entered on the electronic computer to ‎produce a three-dimensional shape to illustrate an imaginary image of that design, ‎and the shape is modified until a satisfactory and distinctive result is reached.‎ This research is considered important because it enhances the sources of studies ‎and enriches the knowledge base of students of fine arts majoring in industrial ‎design and academic and industrial institutions interested in designing، assembling ‎and manufacturing cars.‎

Keywords: Effectiveness, Attraction, Excitement.