Year:2021   Volume: 3   Issue: 7   Area: Media and Communication

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Abdelmounim KIOUACH & Benaissa ZARHBOUCH


This study aims to reveal the effect of social media on adolescents among a sample of high school students in Morocco. In fact, the study sample consisted of 68 male and female students begin with, the importance of the research was manifested in its being a subject of study, within a theoretical framework in which psychology, neurology and information communication technology interact, with the aim of highlighting the impact of these means on the individual in general, and clarifying the brain changes caused by emotional and cognitive functions in particular. Thus, we will conduct an exploratory study on the percentage of social media use among high school students, and clarify the differences related to excessive access to social media according to the gender variable, in order to clarify the impact of social media on the mental health of adolescents, and its relationship to some disorders in this category, and provide a neuro-cognitive explanation about the impact that these means can have on the individual. To achieve the above, we conducted a field study using the Young Scale to measure the intensity of social media use among adolescents. The results of the study concluded that adolescents use social media at an average level, and there are no differences in their use between the sexes, and there is no relationship between the level of intensity of their use and gender.

Keywords: Social Media; Teens; Young Scale; Mental Disorders; Neurological Changes; Mental Changes.