Year:2022   Volume: 4   Issue: 5   Area: Religious sciences

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Hussein Zubair Snow AL FAHDAW


The educational curriculum in the Noble Qur’an is a necessary process for a person in his private and public life, as it is an integrated series of positive values, actions and behaviors that adults bring to young children with the aim of facilitating and facilitating their integration into society, and helping them to change their conditions and improve their actions in order to master life skills, and being a way To adapt to their surroundings, and achieve harmony and harmony with their environment, whose specifications, characteristics and foundations are rapid change and continuous transformatio. The educational curriculum in the Noble Qur’an shows how Islam raised divine emotions and the human mind, on sound logical thinking, and divine, righteous and righteous human behavior, thus making societies happy, and the world happy with the light of civilization. Islam on the day the Islamic nation led the nations of the earth to the light of knowledge, the transcendence of creation, and the liberation of the mind from myths and illusions; And the liberation of man from the oppression of man to the justice of Islam. The need of parents, teachers and educational and social institutions to know the educational curriculum in the Holy Qur’an To help them build the best nation brought out to people, especially in the midst of the proliferation and crowding of information and ease of communication between the societies of the world and the emergence of methodological, media and cultural influences that had a great impact on the

Keywords: Educational Curriculum, Community Building, Life and Islam